Yelawolf Says ‘Eminem Cares,’ Explains Spazzing on a Tween

Yelawolf made headlines in January when he was added to the elite roster at Eminem’s Shady Records, but the ink on that paperwork has dried and the Alabama-born, skateboard-savvy rapper is ready to make his official debut via the house that Marshall built. According to the 31-year-old, his upcoming album, ‘Radioactive,’ is complete, Eminem-approved and ready for an October release.

Did you get a lot of creative input from your boss, Eminem?

When I first told Marshall I had an album, he said, “You’ve got a what?” I told him I recorded the album in Vegas, and his response was “Let me hear that s—!” The next day we set up some time to play it for him and he was like, “Wow, this s— could really be something,” so we took it from there. We already had 12 or 13 really good records — or at least, they were in the direction that we wanted to go — so we worked with him to finalize the album. He became fully involved with the music, which was really dope. It was an honor.

That’s a lucky break since some artists get signed and receive very little help.

Well, Marshall’s still an artist. He’s definitely the boss of Shady Records but he still cares a lot about the music. I mean really, that’s the main thing, because without the music, none of this exists. The main focus was doing it right and trying to make classics.

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